My PAX East 2016 Experience

PAX East is long over, and I’ve had plenty of time to relax and get back in the groove of things.  All in all, it was tiring, but a lot of fun.  I got to meet two of my gaming heroes, Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, the creators of Maniac Mansion.  I also got to help out one of my favorite gaming companies, Double Fine, and meet the people who I only knew online through fan sites and during my time as a volunteer moderator.  Plus, I got to play some fun games that I’ve been looking forward to, or just found out about at the show.

I wrote about my experience at the show on my adventure game blog, which you can read here.  If I ever get the chance to do something like this again, I’ll do it in a heartbeat.

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PAX East 2016

I’ll be at PAX East in Boston this weekend volunteering at the Double Fine booth. So, if you’re at the convention, drop by booth #6123 and say hello. 🙂

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Indiana Jones and the Call of Thunder

A few years ago a team created a demo for an Indiana Jones fan game.  It actually used the engine that LucasArts used in their own adventure games, and was created as a test game for the fan compiler they created called ScummGen.

I finally got myself familiarized with ScummGen and polished up that test game, Indiana Jones and the Call of Thunder.

The original team (Dominik Haslinger, Jens Doblies and Sebastien Ronsse) did the majority of the work. It was originally intended to be a much longer game, but it was cancelled. I finished up the ice cavern sequence so that it could be released as a completely playable game as I thought it would be a shame if no one got to play it. Their sourcecode was playable up to the point where you complete the mechanism in the cavern.

Here are the changes and fixes that I made to that source code:

  • Replaced LucasArts logo with a ScummGen logo.
  • Made a few grammar corrections to the original script.
  • Created icons for inventory items that lacked them (all instances of the stones and the gas can).
  • Programmed an if/then statement regarding the gas can that was referenced but not implemented in the source.
  • Fixed the mechanism puzzle to require both objects, as before it was possible to complete it with only one object.
  • Added dialog to facilitate the change in the mechanism puzzle.
  • Fixed the lighting so that the cavern stays lit when you move to the cavern entrance and back.
  • Enabled the usage of the item used to exit the cavern, as referenced but not implemented in the source.
  • Changed description of the macguffin as it was originally used as a joke related to the game being unfinished (but kept it humourous to suit the tone of the original).
  • Added dialog necessary for the ending sequence.
  • Added end screen.

You can download it at my page if you want to try it out. It includes the sourcecode. It doesn’t include an executable though, as it needs ScummVM in order to run (and I figured I’d cut out the middle man and just let people run ScummVM on whatever system they wish to run it on). It’s detected in ScummVM as Day of the Tentacle.

If you still have a Dreamcast, I also created a Dreamcast compilation image that includes Indiana Jones and the Call of Thunder and Open Quest, the other SCUMM fan game which was created in the other SCUMM fan compiler, ScummC.  The games in the compilation run on ScummVM for Dreamcast, and the menu system used is Demo Menu. The image was created as part of the DC Evolution project, and can be downloaded from the DC Evolution sourceforge repository.

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DreamCon 10th Anniversary

It is the tenth anniversary of the DreamCon travelling Dreamcast convention this year.  In celebration, this year the convention has returned after an eight year hiatus.

The 2015 DreamCon will be taking place at the Con on the Cob from October 15 to October 18, 2015 in Richfield, Ohio.

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